• ZJD slurry pump

    ZJD series wear resistant Single pump casing slurry pump is my company developed and produced new energy-efficient abrasion resistant pumps, This series of pumps in hydraulic design, structural design and wear resistant material used, Integrated application advantages of similar products at home and abroad and innovation, The unique structure of Single pump casing pump
    Easy maintenance, Can use Single face combinations mechanical seal ,Double face combinations mechanical seal And packing seal structure. Pump integrated performance and efficiency indicators are among the world's advanced level. It can be widely used in electric power, metallurgy, coal, mining, chemical and other industries, used to transport a variety of corrosive, abrasive slurry particles. As fire plant hydraulic ash, mine concentrator slurry transportation, coal washing and coal slurry transportation and other Transportation intermediaries. The structure is characterized as follows: Single pump shell structure, easy removal maintenance and inexpensive Packing seal, double mechanical seal, single mechanical seal and other seal forms A variety of forms of transmission, to meet a variety of field conditions and working conditions wear resistant alloy, corrosion alloy material, different conditions fittings are interchangeable hydraulic design is reasonable, stable operation and high efficiency.

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