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1. Project background Brief introduction of Concrete Recycling Industry

Concrete waste as a kind of solid waste, mainly consists of sediment, soil, waste, residue of cement, steel and other waste. Traditional way of handling it has the problem of occupation of land, environmental pollution and other potential security risks. However ,after sorting ,crushing and screening ,it can be used as landfill materials or as the raw material of recycled brick and recycled concrete.

Nowdays , the construction concrete waste recycling industry gets rapid development in the whole world, especially in countries with less land, many people and the scarcity of resources. . As a result , construction waste crushing industry will have a promising market prospect.

Brunei brief introduction and construction waste crushing market conditions

Brunei is one of the richest countries in the world whose per capita GDP in 2011 was $ 48,333 . But it has only 5,765 square kilometers of land area with a population of over 40 millions , which is even smaller than Shanghai's . So It's typical belonging to small countries with huge wealth and few people. As a result , In recent years, with the development of the national economy , the brunei government put more and more attention to housing, roads, and garbage disposal, water conservancy and other infrastructure construction.Among them, in (to be) built waste disposal projects contain the reconstruction project of open dumps at the first phase and modern garbage transfer and processing station at the second phase.

According to our installation engineer's feedback, our clients of the construction waste crushing plant is built in a large waste disposal site disposal, this shows that the concrete waste garbage disposal project of the construction of the project is just one part of it. Concrete construction waste crushing plant was provided Shanghai Daiwo company, but we are temporarily unable to get the local government laws and regulations construction on construction of waste disposal, project planning, supply of construction waste, the intended use of finished products etc.

2. The configuration and process of the crushing plant Production line configuration

From the machine selection, installation and debugging, the production configuration is flexible.

The actual operating:

Pretreatment: using the hydraulic hammer to crush the big stone into smaller one, and , in order to prevent the damage of the belt conveyor , arrange workers to cut through the long reinforcement .

Crusher procession : after the pretreatment ,the materials will be sent to the jaw crusher, and setting the discharge gate at 100mm, and using impact crusher as the secondary crushing plant process the revert material with the discharging gate at 50mm. According to actual use , Jaw crusher can easily deal with raw concrete materials , and can cut and separate the steel bars

At the same time, the fine crushing granularity is very good. The jaw crusher and impact crusher use one screen together with the final sizes 0-5mm, 5-50mm. The customer speak highly of the stable crushing procession. Actual photos of the production line, construction waste materials with rebar, magnet iron-separator and scrap steel bar heap are provied in Figure 2. (The production line is designed by the customer )

Key technology and operation procedure

Unlike the common stone crushing plant , this kind of crushing plant has the features that the raw material is not stable, the capacity is comparative low, and the raw material consist big size and reinforcement steel bar.

1. In order to reduce to the size of the jaw crusher and achieve low cost and high efficiency. use a small machine and use hydraulic hammer.

2. Due to the finished material from the jaw crusher consists many fine aggregate and the capacity is low, so we select one screen for the jaw and impact crusher together.

3. Using iron separator, which is very effective.

4. Broken capacity is high with low low wear down, though the closed side setting is set at big site, the final material consists of many fine sizes aggregetes.

3. brief summary

Based on brunei crushing plant engineering experience, as well as the preliminary investigation and analysis, the characteristics of the construction waste crushing industry is provided following for your referrence.

1. Government-led or government guidance. The Construction Debris recycling industry itself is a low profit or even unprofitable industry, as a result, its development must rely on government support.

2. Social benefit is very obvious. Construction waste recycling can fundamentally solve social concern with dealing with the problem of occupation of land, environmental pollution,and protect the environment. Related companies within this industry can enhance brand awareness and social image through some propaganda.

3. The special requirements of technology. What the difference between Construction waste crushing technology and sand and gravel crushing is the constrction waste crushing has a higer requirment in the seperation, due to the feeding is instability. Although the flexibility of crushing plant's configuration is required slightly higher, but its R & D is not difficult. The analysis of conditions and are for reference only. Relevant departments can according to the actual situation for further discussion.

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