• Vibrating Feeder

    Vibrating Feeder is widely used in metallurgy, coal ore, mining processing, and construction, chemical, abrasive industries and so on. In the production process, the vibrating feeder is used to feed bulk or granular materials uniformly, timely and continuously. In the sand making producing line, the vibrating feeder will feed the stones into crushing machines uniformly and also can do coarse screening for raw materials.

Working Principle Of Vibrating Feeder:

The vibration exciter ,made of two eccentric shaft and gear pair ,is the vibration source of the vibrating feeder .The driving shaft is driven by the motor ,then the driven shaft moves by the driving shaft gear catching .The two shafts contra rotate .At the same time ,the cell body vibrates, making the materials movable continuously to deliver goods.

Characteristics Of Vibrating Feeder:

The equipment vibrates steadily and works reliably.
Low noise ,small energy consumption ,long service life and causing no material clashing .
Easy to care and maintenance , light weight ,small value ,convenient to adjust the equipment and good comprehensive property .
The closed design structure can prevent dust from polluting the equipment.

Technical Parameter Of Vibrating Feeder:
Model Max
Cell body size
Overall size
(L*W*H) (mm)
ZSW300*70 500 60-120 7.5 3225 700*3000 3075*1450*1250
ZSW360*110 500 100-160 11 4321 3600*1100 3700*1805*1195
ZSW380*95 500 100-160 11 4210 3800*950 3882*1648*1340
ZSW490*95 500 120-200 15 5004 4900*950 4957*1677*1365
ZSW490*110 630 120-280 15 5410 4900*1100 4957*1841*1365
ZSW490*130 850 300-350 15 6065 4900*1300 4958*2041*1365
ZSW590*110 800 200-450 22 7600 5900*1100 6000*1841*1365

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