Ore Washing Equipment
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  • Ore Washing Equipment

    This series screw washing machine is mainly used for washing material after crushing. Small particles suspend in water flow out through outlet. Coarse particles sink down to bottom of groove and they will be pushed to the discharging end by the screw. This stone washing machine also can be used for des, dewatering and washing ore. This machine bears the features of simple structure, convenient maintenance, long-term continuous running, good adaptability and high capacity, etc. So it can meet the needs of modern large-scale industry production.

Technical data Of Ore Washing Equipment:
Model Motor power Water consumption (t/h) Screw dia (mm) Capacity (t/h)
ZXL-500 7.5 6-60 500 20
ZXL-750 11 9-63 750 75
ZXL-1000 18.5 10-80 1000 100
ZXL-1200 22 13-168 1200 175
2ZXL-1200 2×22 60-600 1200 350
ZXL -1500 30 20-240 1500 500
2ZXL-1500 2×30 60-600 1500 900
ZXL-2000 45 100-800 2000 750

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