Magnetic Separating Processing Plant
Magnetic Separating Processing Plant

Magnetic Separating Processing Plant main used in the magnet processing, also used in the manganese processing and separating iron technology. Choose the matched magnetic separator from 1000GS to 10000 GS according to the ore materials.

Production capacity Of Magnetic Separating Processing Plant:

5-1500 tons

Application Of Magnetic Separating Processing Plant:

Used in magnetic iron mine, magnetic yellow iron mine , titanium iron mine , siderite miner, roasting mine etc, also used in the separation work.

Advantages Of Magnetic Separating Processing Plant:

High efficiency, energy saving and economical.

Description Of Magnetic Separating Processing Plant:

After grinding the materials, classifier separates the grinded materials, the mineral powder enter the Magnetic Ore Separator (roughing-scavenging-selection) for repeated selection, dried by the pressure filter machine to collect the need mineral powder. Slag recycled by the recycle machine or pour into the tailings.

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