• SF Flotation Machine

    SF Flotation Machine is the representative equipment in the flotation production, mainly used in the flotation of nonferrous metals and rare metals, such as copper, gold, silver, zinc, lead, nickel, etc; and nonmetal materials, such as kaolinite, phosphorus, sulfur, etc.

Working Principle Of SF Flotation Machine:

It uses in classifying non-ferrous and ferrous metal mineral. SF Flotation Machine is the mechanical agitation type, and it can own draw the inspiration and the pulp; Compared to A, its spirit is big , and the power loss low, and the impeller lap wears lightly; JIF has the self-absorption ability, the suction intensity big, and it may adjust the air input in 0.1---1m3/min; the impeller diameter is small, the rotational speed low, consuming electricity few, also advantageous for the automatic control.

Characteristics Of SF Flotation Machine:

Impeller of model SF Flotation Machine flotation cell is composed of the dosed double section cones and ot can produce strong smutty cycle doumward.Its features are as follows:
(1)The capacity of air suction is large, the power consumption is low.
(2)Every tend has three functions of air suction, slurry suction and flotation simultaneously being unique in flotation return circuit without need for any supplementary equipment, the circuit change is convenient for horizontal location.
(3)The slurry cycle is rational, the settlement of coarse sand can be reduced into full play.
(4)The regulation is convenient to equip auto and electro-controlling arrangements for slutty level.

Technical Parameter Of SF Flotation Machine:
Model Impeller
Motor Cell
Model Power
Model Power
SF-0.15 200 0.06-0.18 536 Y90L-6 1.5 Y801-4 0.55 500*500*600 0.27
SF-0.37 296 0.2-0.4 386 Y90L-4 1.5 Y801-4 1.1 900*700*750 0.47
SF-0.65 350 0.3-0.9 400 Y132S-6 3 Y90L-6 1.1 700*900*900 0.93
SF-1.2 450 0.6-1.2 312 Y132S2-6 5.5 Y90L-6 1.1 1100*1100*1100 1.37
SF-2.8 550 1.5-3.5 270 Y160L-6 11 Y90L-6 1.1 1700*1600*1150 2.13
SF-4 650 2-4 220 Y200L-8 15 Y100-6 1.5 1850*2050*1200 2.58
SF-8 760 4-8 191 Y250M-8 30 Y100-6 1.5 2200*2900*1400 4.13
SF-10 760 5-10 191 Y250M-8 30 Y100-6 1.5 2200*2900*1400 4.49

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