I:Name: Copper     Chemical Symbol: Cu
II:The state of Copper ore in the nature
Chalcopyrite, chalcocite, bornite, red copper ore, malachite, Cu2 (OH) 2 co3, copper ore, brass, bronze

IV:Mining standards
Copper ore industrial requirements

Item Sulfide ore Oxidized ore
Pit Mining Open Mining
Cut-off Grade(ωB)% 0.2~0.3 0.2 0.5
Min Industry Grade (ωB)% 0.4~0.5 0.4 0.7
Average grade (ωB)% 0.7~1.0 0.4~0.6  
Minimum Minable Thickness (m) 1~2 2~4 1
The rock eliminate thickness (m) 2~4 4~8 2

V:Quality requirement of Fine Powde
Cooper concentrate quality requirementr

Grade Cu molecule number ≥% molecule number≤%
As Pb+Zn Mg Bi
First Grade 30 0.05 2 1 0.05
Second Grade 25 0.20 5 3 0.20
Third Grade 20 0.30 8 4 0.30
Forth Grade 13 0.40 12 5 0.50

VI:We can design 45T/H, 60T/H, 90T/H, 100T/H, 120T/H production plant.

VII:The strong point of Shanghai Daiwo Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.
1.Design the professional production plant;
2.Assay Ore, Appraisal Ore;
3.Research of mining process and Plant design;
4.Equipment provide, Install and Guide;
5. Undertake Turnkey Project.


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