• Press Filter

    The frame is optimization design, high quality carbon steel compound and mechanical cleaning ST2 stage;
    The Filter plates use TPE elastomer non-alkali fiberglass polypropylene, so they are both reinforced polypropylene toughness and hardness and rubber diaphragm flexibility. It is not easy to fall off and long service life.(Corrosion resistance, acid & alkali resistance, salt resistance, avirulent and tasteless, heat resistance <100 ℃) Its stand pressure force is 30 Mpa while filtration pressure can reach 1.2 Mpa.
    The hydraulic system of oil tank uses fine boring sealing tube, and the accuracy can reached IT7 grade; The automatic plate pull and discharge system adopts frequency conversion double speed motor, tooth chain, and conveyor chain drive, manipulator pull plate and PLC control, so it can automatically control.

Working Principle Of Press Filter:

The liquid material slurry goes into the material tank, store to a certain time, the filter press can work.
Firstly start hydraulic system, to filter press for pressure, the hydraulic system will stop automatically when pressure increase the setted pressure, and open the feed pump and feed pipe valves automatically to send the slurry into the filter press.
After filted by the nylon cloth, the particles are stay in the filter and the liquid will go to the tank. When the particle is full in filter press, the feed pump stop working and feed line valve is closed. The open blowback air valve starts, to blow some water away and the press system begin to work to press the water inside the particles, to make the left water away again. When the procedure finished, the diaphragm plate inside press water is loose, the pressure plate is back to limit place; the discharge parts opens and the belt conveyor to run automatically. The total procedure is finished.

Technical Parameter Of Press Filter:
Type Filter
XZ80/1000 80 1000
30 1219 46 0.6 4.0 5651 4500*1500*1400
XZ100/1000 100 1505 57 6628 5150*1500*1400
XZ120/1000 120 1816 69 7644 5870*1500*1400
XZ100/1250 100 1250
1478 36 0.6 4.0 8307 4800*1850*1600
XZ120/1250 120 1765 43 9308 5270*1850*1600
XZ140/1250 140 2094 51 10455 5770*1850*1600
XZ160/1250 160 2381 58 11492 6350*1850*1600
XZ180/1250 180 2669 65 12494 6810*1850*1600
XZ200/1250 200 2965 72 13504 7200*1850*1600
XZ220/1250 220 3285 80 14652 7800*1850*1600
XZ250/1250 250 3737 91 16227 8500*1850*1600

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