I:Name: Gold      Chemical Symbol:Au 
II:The state of gold ore in the nature

Gold-bearing mineral have 98 species, 47 kinds of common, direct industrial value about 10 kinds,the form of generally divided into three categories, gold ore (Mountain gold mine, endogenous gold) and gold placer (alluvial, alluvial, beach type, slope deposits type and exogenous gold), and Associated gold (recovery from the non-ferrous minerals )

III:Technology: Flotation, Gravity Concentration, Amalgamation, cyanide leaching, carbon immersion
IV:Sand Gold ore industry requirement


Item opencast working
Comprehensive mining Segmentation mining
Gold dredger mining  
south north Nozzle mining
50-100L 150-300L 50-100L 150-300L
Cut-off grade  g/m3 0.05-0.07 0.04-0.06 0.06-0.08 0.05-0.07 0.1 0.3-0.5
Minimum industrial grade g/m3 0.16-0.18 0.14-0.16 0.18-0.20 0.16-0.18 0.3 0.6-1
The rock eliminate thickness(m) 30-35 40-60 30-35 40-60    

Placer underground mining: Cut-off grade: 1 g/m3,Minimum industrial grade: :3 g/m3
Rock Gold Ore industry requirement: Cut-off grade: 1-2g/t; Minimum industrial grade: 3 g/m3

V:Quality standard of Fine Powder

Deposit type Grade Au≥
Single metal mines super fines 160 0.1
first grade 140 0.1
second grade 120 0.2
third grade 100 0.2
fourth grade 80 0.3
fifth grade 70 0.3
Poly-metallic mine super fines 100 0.1
first grade 80 0.2
second grade 60 0.3
third grade 40 0.3
fourth grade 30 0.3
Gold Ore   Au≥g/t SiO2≥%
first grade 30 70
second grade 20 65
third grade 10 65

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Gold Production Line

The main gold beneficiation equipment includes gold crusher, vibrating screen, jigging machine, ball mill, classifier, floatation machine, magnetic separation machine etc.

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We supply the copper beneficiation plant including the magnetic separator, flotation machine, spiral chute, shaking table, rotary kiln and rotary dryer and so on. We can design the minerals upgrading solution for copper ore, gold ore, iron ore, manganese ore and other ores.

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