Floatation Processing Plant
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Floatation Processing Plant

Floatation Processing Plant mainly used for the nonferrous metal mineral beneficiation, including copper beneficiation, zinc beneficiation, lead beneficiation, nickel beneficiation, gold beneficiation, silver beneficiation; also used for building materials beneficiation,such as fluorite beneficiation、barite beneficiation、rutile beneficiation、bauxite beneficiation;and chemical materials beneficiation,including sulphur beneficiation and phosphorus beneficiation, etc.

Production capacity Of Floatation Processing Plant:

5-1500 tons

Application Of Floatation Processing Plant:

Nonferrous metals mine, such ascopper, gold, silver, nickel, zinc, antimony, lead etc, kaolin, phosphorus, sulfur

Advantages Of Floatation Processing Plant:

Cost efficient, large output, low production cost, little pollution

Description Of Floatation Processing Plant:

After grinding the materials, classifier separates the grinded materials, then the mineral powder enter into the agitator and react with the additive, then the reactant enter the SF flotation machine(roughing-scavenging-selection), the foam with mineral powder enter the settling pond, after dry by the pressure filter machine to collect the needed mineral.

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